Martin Robert Hall is a specialist in High Performance

He consults to top athletes, organizations and ambitious individuals helping them to consistently perform at the highest level.

Martin’s work has been recognised by Sir Alex Ferguson, he is the author of two books and is a trusted expert who contributes in the media on topics relating to elite sport and business. Martin specialises in the science behind what drives high performance.

Coming from a sports science background into the world of business, Martin noticed many parallels between the two.

In April 2017, Martin spent time training in a Navy Seal’s academy, learning the high performance methods used by the most elite and mentally tough group of people on the planet.

The Power of Focus, Winning Mentality & Inspirational Leadership

Martin brings together all of these insights and methods and shares them through his writing, coaching and high impact presentations.

The methods work for ambitious individuals and teams who want to perform at the highest level. Topics such as inspirational leadership, forging the mental toughness to succeed and instilling a winning mindset in your people are some of the areas Martin is passionate about.

Martin’s latest book ‘How Leaders Make It Happen’ delves into the science, the secrets and the strategies of world class leadership to understand what great leaders do that separates them from the masses.

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