Build a Foundation for 2020

In 2017 I spent 3 days in a Navy SEAL’s Leadership Academy over in San Diego, learning the methods practised by the mentally and physically toughest group of people on the planet.

The 3 days were fascinating and challenging beyond measure, as I’m sure you can imagine – I have wrote a separate post about some of the experience here. 

One of the models we were taught is called ‘The 5 Mountains’ and it explains their approach for developing the ‘whole person’.

It’s no surprise that the first level of the model begins with the physical. I found this out at the very start of the first morning when we were challenged to hold a ‘plank’ for 30 minutes!

Once they have built an incredible physical foundation, which also takes a lot of mental development, they then focus on mastering the mind and their emotions.

They have fascinating methods to do this, mainly by putting you in situations which challenge you in ways you never normally would.

As you go into 2020 – the start of a new year and a new decade – think about the foundations you are going to build to allow you to have a successful year.

The physical mountain has always been a pivotal part of my lifestyle as without our health, everything else cannot flourish. But the SEAL’s take this to a new level entirely – they also taught me that I have levels I never even knew existed.

A big part of the mental mountain is one of focus. There was a big focus on breathing and controlling our mental state – controlling the voice within, training ourselves to be present.

Being present, I believe, is one of the most powerful skills we can all develop today. It is also becoming more difficult as we live in a world of non-stop connectivity, which is wiring our brains to have a shorter attention span.

These two pillars alone would make a huge difference for most people if they were to focus on them. Many don’t.

What foundations do you need to build as you go into the new year?

What habits will help you to achieve your goals?

The most successful and fulfilled people are always growing and developing. They do not stand still. They have a plan and they execute the plan.

Remember as you chase your goals, that you can only be as good as your mind and body allow you to be – invest in yourself.

Make it happen!




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