Open Leadership Courses – 2020

Leadership begins within. It is a mindset, not a position. 

Our two day programme will equip you with a leadership mentality, challenge your thinking, increase your personal influence, give you a better understanding of yourself and those around you and will undoubtedly ACCELERATE your results.

Who is this programme ideal for?

  • Those in leadership positions – responsible for managing others
  • Those stepping up into leadership positions
  • Sales & Customer Service Executives

2020 Course Dates

Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th March

Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th April

Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd June

Key Outcomes

  • Improved communication and personal influence – with yourself and others
  • Become more persuasive
  • Confidence to be an inspirational leader
  • Remove your internal handbrake – limiting doubts and beliefs
  • Develop your power of focus for faster results


  • Education

A deep dive into the fields of psychology, neuroscience and human potential to understand what drives human behaviour. Fascinating, powerful and highly practical strategies which can be applied immediately for powerful results.

  • Inspiration

Highly emotive and engaging content packed with real-world examples of success (including Martin’s sports and business clients). The course material is designed to leave a powerful imprint in your mind, drive you to take action and create immediate momentum.

  • Tools for Execution

Education and inspiration is redundant without the ability to take action. Having simple and powerful strategies to apply your knowledge is crucial to your progress.

Some comments from previous delegates:

“The content and presentation style proved to be a perfect combination of facts, enlightened reflection and genuine fun and shared human experiences” – John Harding, ATPI

“The most useful parts of the course were the theories and the stories. These really helped me to understand the content and keep me interested throughout. Really good use of video content, again this supports my learning style” – Tom Shaw, Carfinance247

“It allowed me to understand my leadership style as well as identify others. It has also given me the tools to develop my team. Really enjoyable and beneficial” – Niall Gormley, Craghoppers

*On a scale of 1-10, the average delegate score for recommending this course to others is 9.8.

What will you learn?

  • A compelling understanding of the human brain – your operating system
  • Why we are conditioned to think negatively and how to change it
  • How to stop sabotaging yourself and get out of your own way
  • Powerful goal setting strategies for yourself and others
  • How to get yourself and others into FLOW State
  • The true power of positivity – not the fluffy stuff
  • Self-belief and how to cultivate it in yourself and others
  • The power of your emotional state
  • Influence and persuasion begins within
  • The key to influencing others and how to master it
  • Making a lasting impression – how not to turn people off
  • Identify your own psychological handbrakes – and release them
  • Understand the impact of different personalities
  • How to get people naturally engaged
  • How to ignite your inner genius – the best way to accelerate your results
  • Creating a high performance environment for others to flourish
  • Why purpose is essential to high performance
  • How great leaders inspire people to perform above and beyond
  • The fastest way to overcome your own internal barriers
  • The neuroscience of habit formation – how to automate your success
  • How to develop the power of focus – lessons from elite sport
  • Get more done in less time – shift your perspective on time-management
  • The input your brain craves and how to feed it
  • The science of achievement – why some succeed and others fail

 We will cover a lot of ground!

 It will be content rich, action packed, highly engaging and will help you create incredible momentum.


The group size will be limited to 10 people. This is to ensure a personalised approach, allowing optimal discussion time for the group to learn, grow and develop.

I am opening it up to my clients on an exclusive basis initially, allowing those who want to send an individual or two on the programme without pulling a whole team out of a business for two days.

Having an external programme adds to the group dynamic in terms of a collective experiences across a variety of sectors. It also brings a networking opportunity with like-minded individuals, committed to their own development.

Tools for each delegate:

  • DISC Personality Profile (Digital and Hard Copy)

Your own 20 page personalised strengths based report. Take your self-understanding to a higher level, understand where to focus your time and how to improve your relationships. Highly practical strategies for improving communication and leading others more effectively.

  • Personal Leadership & Influence Workbook

Capture all your learning from the two days in your own personal workbook. Permanent source of reference to reinforce your learning way beyond the course.

  • Copy of How Leaders Make It Happen

Personal copy of Martin’s most recent book on leadership. Cement your learning from the course with this easy to read deep-dive into world class leadership.

  • Accountability Partnership 

How do you maintain momentum beyond the course? Enter the power of accountability. The ultimate bridge between intention and results. You will form an accountability partnership, designed to make sure you follow through and achieve the results you want.


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