Open Leadership Programme – October 2019

For over 10 years now we have been training and coaching the ‘psychology of high performance’ to business and elite sports teams on a private basis. Whilst this has allowed us to work with many different people in different industries, it has not really allowed people outside of these circles to have access to these skills and knowledge, which we know is of great benefit to people in all walks of life.

This year we launched our own two day open leadership programme, to allow individuals the access to our training and IP – condensing what we have learnt over a 10 year period and packaging it into a content rich, dynamic two day programme. This course is now available to all individuals and in October we ran our second open programme with great success.

With an average rating of 9.5 out of 10, we are thrilled with the feedback so far – helping us to fulfil our purpose of ‘making a positive difference in people’s lives’.

It is amazing what can be achieved when people create the space for themselves to THINK. Having the time – in the right environment – to reflect, share and learn is vital to the growth and development of any leader.

Also, having the space away from your usual environment and sharing experiences with new (but liked minded) individuals brings it’s own benefits and one we have really enjoyed being part of.

Are you creating the space for yourself?

Are you carving out time to learn and develop?

Are you spending valuable thinking time with your team?

It’s very easy to let the day to day get in the way of this, but without it, it really is hard to flourish.

Go ahead and make it happen.

*Our November course is sold out, but we have just released dates for 2020. The first course is in February and will run in Manchester City Centre. Get in touch if you want to join in the learning experience. 


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